We're always on the lookout for great talent and minds. To do this, we know to attract the best we have to offer the best. That's why over the course of the past year, we have painstakingly worked to formulate and develop various induction avenues into BuildLab to accomodate for diverse skillsets and needs of potential team members like yourself.

Educators Program

BuildLab came about from the simple idea that if you tool young innovative students with hard and soft foundational skills in an environment that celebrates personal and professional growth, a spark of insatiable curiosity would push them beyond their own perceived limitations to do much more than they could have previously envisioned..or at the very least with a sharper conviction.

Our Educational Trainer/Mentor programme is our way of passing this forward. Driven to serve as an avenue to grow and develop great Waza mentors and trainers, we push to instill a sense of empowerment through inclusive activities and educational workshops and events that we organise and facilitate at the iHub. Our mentors/trainers are primarily University students from different disciplines who help us in formatting next-generation activity programs/camps like KHC/Waza and in the process better fine-tune their own skills.

Docendo discimus - “The best way to learn is to teach.”

We are always looking for upbeat and friendly trainers who are keen on growing their hard and soft skills sets. As an official mentor/trainer, you will be first pick for all youth workshops we run/facilitate throughout the year as well as gain opportunities to tutor kids from our network of participants at a profitable rate. Want to join our awesome team? Sign up here.

Builders-in-Residence Program

Panyabot was built by a great team of interns under the guidance and support of the iHub and its amazing team of developers and managers alike. This inspired the development of the Builders-in-Residence Program. Designed and run to support local, young and enterprising hardware innovators, it grew from a notable gap in the development of hands-on hardware entrepreneurship skills in Kenyan tertiary institutions.

Successful applicants gain the following benefits:

  • Access to a co-working space to collaboratively build their hardware solutions.
  • Access to experienced consultants in Hardware Development, Market Research, User Experience Design and Marketing/Business Strategy, with consulting fees waived.
  • Access to tools and materials crucial to early phase development of said hardware solutions.
  • Green membership at iHub.

Are you currently an engineering student at a local University or recent graduate with an innovative hardware-based idea and a team rearing to do and learn more? Then this program is for you. Register here and we can help you make this next step.

*All technical/strategy specifications will be held in utmost confidence with the inducted team regarded as the sole proprietors.

BuildLab Internship

Would you like to join our awesome team of hardware designers and innovators? Feel free to come in to our Buildathons, monthly meetups that we hold where we sit together with our community of University students to get to know each other and the projects we work on as well as work on hacker-day style projects. Sign up here to be added to our events meetup listserve to stay upto date on the days and themes of these meetups and more!

*PS: You don't have to have a technical background to come work at BuildLab, we are always looking for brilliant and like-minded individuals who have a passion for technology and the different ways it can assistively augment our lives.Send us an email at rnd@ihub.co.ke with you're CV attached and we will get back to you.